Protecting Corporate Uniforms from a Moth Infestation

If your business requires employees to wear corporate uniforms, you may be forced to put some away into storage at different times of the year. For example, some corporate uniforms are designed with Australian climate in mind, so the summer uniforms will be much more lightweight than their winter counterparts are. Alternatively, you may have to put uniforms in storage depending on employee turnover so that the new staff you employ will have corporate wear too. Read More 

Planting That Is Good For Bees

A large country, Australia has an astonishing variety of bees across its different environments. Indeed, well over a thousand distinct species of bee have been discovered in the country. Unlike wasps and other flying insects, bees are popular creatures largely thanks to their ability to make that most delicious of substances: honey. Despite this, there is a well-documented decline in the numbers of bees across the globe. Research has shown that the factors for this state of affairs are varied but the ongoing use of pesticides is known to be a key part of the problem. Read More 

Why Use a Shade Sail to Cover Your Car Instead of Building a Garage?

Apart from your house, your car is probably the most expensive item you own, so you'll naturally want to keep yours looking its best. Unfortunately, some homes don't come with garages, which people often assume means having to build one themselves to keep their car safe from the elements. However, that's not necessarily a step you need to take. Shade sails use high-grade material that offers exceptional protection from UV rays and total protection from the rain. Read More 

7 Spots in Your Home Where Motorised Treatments Make Sense

Motorised treatments are the small luxuries every home needs. With the touch of a button or the setting of a timer, you can open and close your window coverings with ease. Motorised products by companies like Somfy eliminate the need for every homeowner to fuss with wands and cords.  Here are a few spots in your home where motorised coverings are especially convenient. In the bedroom Indulging in motorised window treatments in a bedroom, especially one with multiple windows, is a small luxury you won't regret. Read More 

Kit You Will Need For Your Log Cabin

As Australians look for a way to escape from it all, buying a log cabin in the Outback is becoming an increasingly popular choice. Spending time in the wilderness is a great way to unwind and to escape from the chaos of the modern world. However, it is essential that you are properly equipped. Below is a guide to 3 pieces of kit you will need. A First Aid Kit Read More